255. Answering your burning questions on marriage

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Join Jesse and I this week as we sit down together for a personal episode where we tackle some burning questions submitted by followers on Instagram and share some life updates. (Including a story about a recent travel mishap where we ended up locked out of our own house at 2 a.m.!!)

We kick things off by discussing our recent trip to Kansas for Easter — our first time to fly with all three younger kids in over a year. We went to a goat farm, connected with friends we hadn’t seen in a long time, and got to spend a lot of wonderful time with family. We also talk about a book I’m reading aloud to the kids, a tea I’m loving, and a freebie we launched recently.

And then we dive into your questions on marriage. We reflect on our marriage journey, sharing advice and revelations from over two decades together. We talk about daily flirting, how our lives have taken very different paths than we ever envisioned, how we’ve grown and learned to work together, whether Jesse has always been a nerd, who makes the meals, and much more. If you enjoy a peek behind-the-scenes of our life, you don’t want to miss this fun episode!

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In This Episode

[0:35] – Jesse and I are excited for a lighthearted episode answering Instagram followers’ marriage-related questions!

[1:55] – All the details on our recent trip to Kansas, including how our three younger kids did on the trip.

[5:40] – How we ended up locked out of the house at 2 a.m.!

[8:09] – A listener responding to our 1900s episode shared about having a car phone in the 1990s for safety concerns.

[9:29] – I have been enjoying Lemon Loaf Tea from TAZO, despite not typically liking lemon tea.

[10:26] – The little kids are loving Farmer Boy a book from the Little House series.

[13:25] – Before we dive into the questions, check out our free Simplified Home Checklists on our website!

[15:13] – Jesse and I have been married for twenty-two years in January.

[15:54] – Flirt daily; it’s amazing how something so simple keeps the connection strong.

[17:33] – The hardest (but most important words!) to say in a marriage.

[23:55] – Who does the cooking at our house?

[24:52] – How nerdy was Jesse when we met?

[27:07] – How did we know how big we wanted our family to be?

[29:49] – In 21 years, we’ve cultivated an intuitive bond, anticipating each other’s needs and openly addressing frustrations to improve our communication

[32:11] – Approach situations from a place of love, not opposition, with each other’s best interests at heart.

[32:56] – When overwhelmed, I confide in Jesse, who offers support or a listening ear; gratitude and encouragement nurture our bond.

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