257. Simple Systems That Keep Us Sane

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Do you ever feel like you’re just barely keeping your head above water? If so, this episode of The Crystal Paine Show is for you! Jesse and I have been married for 21 years and we’ve learned and grown a lot in those years — and tried a lot of different things that worked and many things that didn’t.

In this conversation, we share some of our simple systems that keep us sane and help us to have breathing room in our days to enjoy our life and invest in what matters most.

First up, we talk about how we each have our own jurisdictions in managing our house and business and what that looks like. We also share what we expect of our kids and how us all working together really frees up a lot of physical and emotional energy for us as parents.

Then, we move onto detailing changes we’ve made this year to simplify and how it has made such a difference: like reserving one day a week for meetings and interviews, carefully considering commitments and what that looks like for us right now, and how we have our work schedule set up so we both get time to work in.

We end with sharing a number of different strategies we employ to eliminate decision fatigue and to streamline our lives: things like groceries, dishes, laundry, daily routines, avoiding paper piles, and more! I also give you a little peek into my home life growing up and talk about how my mom’s organized systems influenced me.

If you’re ready to ditch the overwhelm and reclaim your peace of mind, I hope our ideas serve as a springboard for solutions that might work for you, and don’t forget to snag your free Simplified Home Checklists!

In This Episode

[0:35] – Today’s episode dives into practical strategies for maintaining sanity and enjoying life even if there’s a lot going on.
[1:52] – Delegation and instilling teamwork and work ethic in our kids.
[4:35] – Gradual release of responsibility leads to independence as kids develop their own systems over time.
[8:20] – Everyone is an asset to our home and we all work together.
[11:05] – What simplifying has looked like for our home and schedule this year and one change that has made a big difference.
[15:58] – Our current schedule for work-life balance with both of us working from home.
[18:39] – How my mom’s organized systems have influenced me.
[20:46] – Scheduling grocery deliveries and using cost-saving programs like Kroger Boost.
[22:59] – Daily routines, paper piles, and how we prep for our day the night before.
[27:52] – Check out the free Simplified Home Checklists!

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