40. Our Favorite Things

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We’ve had some pretty heavy topics on the podcast recently, so we decided to do something fun and more lighthearted this week. I asked on Instagram for your best ideas for a lighthearted podcast topic idea and many of you requested that we do a Favorite Things Episode. 

So pretend you’re sitting down at the table with us having coffee (or tea!) and let’s talk about some of our favorite things. We tell you our favorite:

  • Book
  • Movie
  • Season
  • Place We’ve Lived
  • Bible Verse
  • Color
  • Podcast
  • Place We’ve Traveled To
  • Fruit/Vegetable
  • Thing We Love About Each Other

In This Episode: 

[01:53] – If you want to know what NOT to do when going to Iceland, we’ll give you the scoop on that + some of the highlights from our trip!

[07:31] – Every time I share about this tip, people have all sorts of questions. But it truly has been saving my life recently! 

[12:04] – I finally got to finish Digital Minimalism while we were on our trip!

[14:41] – Thanks to our followers on Instagram for today’s topic: Our Favorite Things! We start off by discussing our favorite books, music, and season.

[20:35] – Then we move to talking about our favorite place we’ve lived, movies we’ve watched, Bible verses, colors, and podcasts.

[29:57] – Finally, we end with our favorite places we’ve traveled to in the US and internationally, our favorite fruit and veggie, and we end a little on a sappy note — with our favorite things about each other.

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