68. Secrets to a Happier Marriage (with Matt and Lisa Jacobson)

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Last week, Jesse and I shared some of our favorite tips and tricks for keeping the spark alive in your marriage on the podcast. We didn’t want to stop there, though. This week, we invited Matt and Lisa Jacobson to come share their perspective and secrets on how to keep your marriage alive and thriving.

Matt and Lisa have been married 27 years, have eight children, and are speakers, podcasters, and authors who are passionate about the topic of marriage. In this episode, they share their personal anecdotes, practical ideas, and hard won advice on how to have a truly happy marriage — even during the unexpected and really difficult seasons of life.

A few topics we discuss:

  • how their marriage grew stronger as a result of having a child who was born with brain damage and wasn’t expected to live
  • their secrets to making dates happen (it might surprise you)!
  • what a wife should do if she’s really frustrated that her husband just keeps on disappointing her
  • their best advice for young couples
  • how to stop just surviving marriage and actually begin to thrive!
  • And so much more!

In This Episode: 

[01:40] Matt and Lisa introduce themselves and share a bit about their businesses and books.

[03:43] They have 8 children between the ages of 26 and 12 and have still managed to thrive. 

[06:35] Has the topic of marriage always been a passionate subject for Matt and Lisa? 

[08:20] How can you create and build a great marriage? 

[09:30] Listen as Lisa relates a small moment she and Matt shared that inspired one of their books.

[11:57] What can newlyweds do to set themselves up for a long and prosperous relationship? 

[14:37] Your wife should feel cherished. 

[16:22] What you need to do to make a great date happen.

[17:31] Ladies, you don’t have to wait for your husband to pursue you!

[19:38] Your man isn’t made of Teflon. Things stick. Listen as Lisa and Matt share tips and tricks for being mindful of your words. 

[24:32] What can you do today to make your marriage better? Small, practical things you can do to bolster your relationship.

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