88. Answering More Burning Questions

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You all love it when we do Answering Your Burning Question podcast episodes. It’s been awhile since we’ve done one, so I posted recently on Instagram asking for questions you’d like Jesse and I to answer on the podcast and you had lots of great questions.

We went through as many as we could on this episode — including talking about Kathrynne’s new job, budgeting, where we’d love to travel, how we find time for intimacy (this was the number one asked question!), where would we love to travel to, date nights, would we take more foster care placements right now, and much more!

Jesse and I also discuss teaching Kathrynne how to drive, our vacation to Arkansas, the books we’re reading, and how I’m getting in exercise right now.

In This Episode: 

[00:33] We’re answering your burning questions on today’s episode.

[01:29] RODECaster Pro is saving Jesse’s life. 

[03:26] Why Jesse is teaching Kathrynne how to drive instead of me.

[04:53] This year our big trip is going to Arkansas.

[06:11] Morning walks with the double stroller are saving my life.

[08:22] What we’re reading right now.

[10:35] How did Kathrynne land her first job? 

[14:19] Why did we move to Tennessee? 

[16:02] Learn more about our decision to quit the law firm and work for ourselves. 

[17:44] How we find the time and energy for intimacy. 

[18:59] Do we sit and go over the budget together? 

[20:25] Where do we want to travel together? 

[21:25] What does Jesse make fun of me for? 

[22:54] What are your go-to date nights?

[24:58] Would we take any more foster care placements right now? 

[26:39] How do we build each other up?

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