89. An Update on Our Foster Care Journey

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(See more pictures and videos of Champ here.)

A year ago, we were in the middle of our foster care home study and praying for who God would bring into our home for us to love on.

We were at peace about pursuing this path, but we were still apprehensive and wondering what it might mean for our future. There were so many unknowns, so many what if’s, and so many things outside our control.

I look back on this last year and the 5 children we’ve had the privilege to have in our home — 4 for just a very short-term stint and sweet little Champ who has been with us for almost 4 months.

There are still just as many unknowns, what if’s, and things outside our comfort zone. My heart has been broken in a hundred little pieces over the things we’ve seen and witnessed firsthand and the many kids and their stories whom we weren’t able to say yes to. I’ve cried more tears in the last 10 months than I’ve cried in the last 10 years (okay, pregnancy and postpartum probably played a part in that!).

And yet, my heart is fuller and happier than I can ever remember. The opportunity to love, pour into, and nurture has filled me up in the deepest of places. Seeing my husband and kids sacrifice and serve and love so well has been one of the most amazing experiences.

I don’t know what the future holds. I can imagine it will be full of heartbreak and beauty, tears and love, a roller coaster of emotions, and many things I can’t even imagine.

There are many unknowns, but this one thing I know: I don’t regret for one second saying “yes” to foster care. I look at these pictures and think, “We could have missed this.”

In this week’s podcast episode, we talk very honestly about our foster care journey, what we are learning, how it’s been different than we expected, and what has surprised us. We also give an update on how things are going with Champ and answer some of your specific questions related to his placement with us.

In This Episode: 

[00:36] We are back from vacation and excited to be talking with you!

[01:48] Why packing in tubs saved our lives on our road trip. 

[04:10] How we used them to create a system for keeping everything organized. 

[06:47] Jesse’s Father’s Day present is saving his life.

[10:53] Silas and I are reading The Giver

[14:23] Jesse is still reading Near Dark by Brad Thor along with several others.

[15:48] Let’s talk about our foster care journey and share our answers to some of your questions.

[17:51] What did it take to get our home ready for fostering? 

[21:26] How long does the process take? 

[23:23] We have no idea how long we will have Champ in our home. 

[25:46] Why we are okay with the uncertainty that comes with fostering.

[27:19] Learn how we’ve prepared our hearts to have to say goodbye to Champ at some point.

[28:18] Where do children end up if there is no family to foster them? 

[30:36] We have considered adopting a child that we foster but that is not our goal. 

[32:07] What has surprised us the most about fostering? 

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