90. Our Best Advice for Brand-New Homeschool Parents

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This school year looks a lot different for many families. Some of you are never planned to homeschool and your school went virtual so you’ve been unexpectedly doing school at home. Some of you made the choice to homeschool this year as that was what you felt was the best choice for your family.

In this week’s podcast episode, Jesse and I share some of our best advice for brand-new homeschool parents. While we are currently not homeschooling, we have been asked again and again to share some encouragement that we gleaned from our 6+ years of homeschooling and from being homeschool graduates ourselves.

We talk about how your attitude affects your kids, how to keep things simple in your homeschooling, how to make education a way of life, and why teaching character is much more important than having the perfect curriculum.

In This Episode: 

[00:33] A quick life update and what we’ve been up to recently.

[05:30] Jesse has started adding collagen into his diet and he shares more about that this week.

[07:01] Baby Signing Time is saving my life right now.

[10:34] I have been listening to Be the Bridge by Latasha Morrison.

[12:33] To all brand new homeschool parents, remember your attitude sets the tone for your home.

[14:42] Even if you don’t feel confident or excited, fake it until you feel it.

[17:43] Don’t be a slave to someone else’s schedule or the way they homeschool.

[22:50] Character trumps curriculum.

[25:27] Life is the best classroom.

[27:21] And a word on “writing your own headlines”.

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