101. Honest Confessions of a Control Freak

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Jesse and I have both struggled with being what you could call “control freaks” in our life. I like to have a plan and I like other people to go along with my plan. Jesse’s control shows up more in wanting to be able to control decisions other people make or to make sure that everything is always okay with me and our kids — and when it’s not, he feels a lot of stress and like things are spinning out of control.

Fostering has been such a good exercise for us in learning to let go of our neat little plans. Since we don’t make almost any of the decisions for him, we’ve just had to love him as our own on behalf of his mom while also keeping our hands open to whatever God has for him.

It has been easy, but it’s been so good — and it’s taught us how much peace there is when we stop clenching our fists and trying to micromanage our lives and instead release our tight grip and trust God fully.

In this episode, we share lessons we are learning, what has helped us let go of our tightly wound control, and how loving on this little boy has completely changed our lives.

We also give some family updates, share about what’s helping Jesse drink more water, my favorite eyebrow definer, and two books we’ve been reading.

In This Episode: 

[01:01] Champ recently received hearing aids and it has been an adventure.  

[03:58] We are so excited about our Gatlinburg weekend trip and why we voted early.

[06:19] I have a quick update on the No Bake cookies we were talking about several weeks ago.

[07:02] Water and his half-gallon water bottle are saving Jesse’s life. 

[11:01] Maybelline Total Temptations Eyebrow Definer is saving my life.

[13:31] Jesse is back to reading his most recent Brad Thor book, Near Dark.

[14:50] I’ve been reading Dare to Lead by Brene Brown.

[17:30] We’re chatting all about being control freaks and what we’ve been learning.

[20:40] How our experiences as foster parents have shown us our need to release control.

[24:55] Lessons we’re learning about control as parents — and in other areas of our lives.

[27:40] What stress and fear tell me about resting in the Lord.

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