104. Sharing Some Good News!

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I was sitting with a few women recently and we were sharing some heavy things in our lives and big feelings. After a little while, I said, “Does anyone have any good news to share?”

It’s so easy to focus on the hard and difficult things. And I think we do need to acknowledge our feelings and not try to stuff down the difficult things, slap on a happy face, and pretend we’re okay. But at the same time, I also think it’s so good — and important — even on hard days and during sad or overwhelming seasons to look for the good, to notice the beautiful, and to practice an attitude of gratitude. Because, as you’ve heard it said, what you look for is usually what you see.

If you focus on the negative, you can find a lot to complain about. If you focus on the positive, you can find a lot to be grateful for!

In this week’s episode, Jesse and I sit down and talk about some positive, fun, beautiful, and good things happening in our lives. We share about milestones, perspective shifts, and lessons we’re learning. Plus, we talk about some fun updates and funny happenings. I also discover the history behind the phrase “deader than a doornail” (thanks, Jesse!) and we share what’s saving our lives and what books we’re reading.

In This Episode: 

[00:42] We’re sharing some good news and fun things that have been happening lately.

[01:26] Champ is reunifying with his mom soon and we talk about processing that.

[04:02] Jesse’s Apple iPhone case is saving his life this week.

[07:25] My top 10 baby products are saving my life.

[08:58] Jesse is reading Fortitude by Dan Crenshaw and listening to One Vote Away by Ted Cruz.

[10:17] I’ve been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

[13:16] Why we’ve decided to share some good news today.

[15:03] Jesse recounts the wonderful baseball season that they had this year.

[16:52] I’ve turned in the FINAL edits for my new book!

[20:18] Some fun updates on the babies and why we basically never do professional family photos.

[24:22] Jesse had a lot of fun shopping for the babies for the photos.

[25:14] We have a driver at our house — and both Jesse and I have been teaching her, something I never expected I’d say!

[29:37] How the seminary class I’m taking is really challenging me.

[33:52] Some thoughts on doing your own research, not just going to one source, and what our currently political climate is teaching me.

[36:06] What is your good news right now?

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