108. How to Love Someone You Disagree With

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Recently, on Instagram, I got asked the following question, “How do you handle friendships and disrespect in this political turmoil and pandemic.” I shared the slide above to answer it, but I had so many more thoughts swirling in my head as I wrote the answer that I realized it would be the perfect topic to tackle more in-depth in a podcast episode.

So this week on the podcast, Jesse and I share what we have learned and are learning about how to love someone you disagree with and how not to ruin relationships because of differing opinions.

In addition, we talk about new recipes Jesse is trying using duck, granola and Greek yogurt, wearing real PJs, my habit tracker, a book I loved recently, a funny story about mispronouncing words, and what Jesse has been reading.

In This Episode: 

[01:47] Duck poppers are saving Jesse’s life this week. They were so good!

[05:38] Granola and greek yogurt are saving my life these days.

[07:08] Why I’ve been trying to wear real pajamas to bed.

[09:18] I posted about my habit tracker and came to find out… Jesse was right.

[11:35] I have been reading/listening to We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter.

[15:53] A quick story about how I used to pronounce Yosemite.

[16:58] Jesse has been reading SOG by John Plaster.

[17:53] The question that inspired this episode.

[19:27] There is so much fear circulating in the world causing us to feel reactionary.

[21:06] Then to add on top of the fear is the nature of conversations on social media.

[23:28] We often lose so much context and empathy by not having face-to-face conversations.

[26:22] Why you need to listen with a heart to understand the other person.

[28:07] Don’t make sweeping generalizations.

[30:00] Always remember to care about the person more than you care about their opinion.

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