113. An interview with Kathrynne

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Last week, while the kids were off of school because of the ice and snow, Jesse and I sat down and interviewed Kathrynne, our 16-year-old.

She answered some of your questions that you’d submitted on topics like:

  • how parents can build stronger relationships with their teens
  • why she feels like she can trust us
  • her honest thoughts on kids and social media
  • how she feels most heard and understood (and what makes her feel like we’re not listening/paying attention)
  • what learning to drive has been like, and more!

In This Episode: 

[00:33] We were snowed in… and then we were iced in!

[02:52] Kathrynne is joining us to answer some of your questions.

[04:39] How does Kathrynne feel about my active Instagram presence?

[05:42] What makes her feel most heard and understood?

[07:15] She shares the things we do that make her feel like she isn’t being heard.

[09:57] What advice would she give other kids younger than her?

[12:01] How can parents try to cultivate trust-filled relationships with their younger children?

[14:59] Why parents shouldn’t pre-decide that the teenage years are going to be hard.

[17:13] Ways parents can reconnect with teens who seem really distant.

[18:44] Things to consider regarding social media during the teenage years.

[20:48] Teens want to be able to make their own decisions, especially regarding their time and interests.

[27:24] What’s it been like learning how to drive?

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