122. Love-Centered Parenting

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When Jesse and I were talking about what topic to tackle for this week’s episode, I said something to the affect of, “Well, I’ve gone on almost 60 other podcasts, radio shows, and TV shows talking about Love-Centered Parenting, but I’ve yet to really dive into the topic on my own podcast. Maybe that would be a good topic for this week’s episode??

If you’ve been considering getting a copy of my new book, Love-Centered Parenting, but you’ve wondered if it would be a fit for you, be sure to listen in to this week’s episode. I share more about how often guilt and stress as burdens comes from misunderstanding what our job is as a parent. I also dive into the main meat of the book and talk about the four choices I believe every parent should make — to lean in and love, listen well, lead with humility, and let go.

We also talk about how our Emergency Fund has been such a blessing recently, how we saved a lot of money on replacing our HVAC units, and a class I recently finished taking.

In This Episode: 

[00:33] We are chatting all about Love-Centered Parenting today!

[01:51] Having an Emergency Fund is saving our lives this week.

[04:39] Getting a second quote saved us, too, since it was significantly less than the first one.

[06:33] Jesse is still reading the same book as last week. I’ve been going through The Bible Project seminary class on Heaven and Earth and it has been so good.

[10:17] We’re digging deep into the content of Love-Centered Parenting today.

[11:55] We cannot save our kids so we need to stop carrying that burden around.

[13:08] It is not our job as parents to make our kids make good choices.

[14:10] The four choices parents should make and the entire premise of the book.

[15:01] Jesse’s thoughts on “leaning in and loving.”

[17:07] Is there pride, fear, or selfishness at the root of your reaction to your kids’ behavior?

[18:25] Why you need to listen well.

[21:26] Finding the root cause of behavior is very important.

[22:49] It’s also important to lead with humility.

[25:51] Last but not least, we have to just let go.

[27:31] Why this really is the no-fail guide to parenting.

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