126. Addressing the assumptions

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Just for fun, Jesse and I took the popular Share Your Assumptions About Me Instagram story idea and turned it into a podcast episode. We asked for people to share their assumptions about us and then we chose a number of them to respond/react to.

We addressed assumptions that Jesse gets nervous coming on the podcast, that we never yell or fight, that we don’t have a pet, that we eat a lot of ice cream, that we’re more wild and crazy than we let on, that I wear the pants in the family, that we never curse, that we expect our kids to follow the lifestyle we were brought up in, that we met at a Christian college, and much more!

In This Episode: 

[00:33] We are tackling your assumptions as per the popular Instagram story idea right now.

[03:23] Does Jesse get nervous answering questions on the podcast?

[04:16] Someone assumes that Jesse and I never yell or get loud with the kids.

[05:59] Is our family extremely close and always together?

[08:39] We actually do have a pet. A hedgehog.

[10:30] Are we a fun couple?

[11:20] Another follower assumes that we’re gun enthusiasts.

[12:53] We did not meet at a Christian college.

[13:53] We definitely have moments when we argue and don’t get along.

[16:40] One person thinks we’re a lot more wild and crazy than we let on.

[21:14] Another assumption is that we expect our kids to follow the lifestyle we were brought up in.

[23:31] Is Jesse more of a clean freak than me?

[25:45] Which of us is more quiet than the other?

[31:36] Do we curse?

[34:18] TV is not a big thing in our house.

[36:01] Multiple people have assumptions on who wears the pants in the family.

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