130. You Get What You Expect (+ some thoughts on raising teens)

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“I love having teenagers!” I said this to a young mom recently who told me how she gets so discouraged with people telling her, “Just enjoy these years when they are young because it’s not going to be fun when they are teens.” She sighed and said to me, “I wish people would stop declaring such negativity over my kids’ futures!”

I couldn’t “Amen” her statement fast enough! And I loved getting to share with her how much I love having teens. Sure, we have hard moments and days. Sure, there are hormones and disagreements. But overall, I just love having teenagers!

I love our deep discussions and our silly inside jokes. I love watching them spread their wings and stick their necks out. I love learning from their perspectives and having them teach me how to use electronics and play video games (I’m working on learning to play Rocket League right now and I’m terrible at it, but I’m having a blast trying to figure it out!)

One of the best parts of having teens is that our home has a constant influx of other teens coming over to hang out. I want to claim all of them as my own — and I love hearing their boisterous laughter filling our home, can’t get enough of our late-night discussions, and my heart is so happy watching friendships develop and deepen as they consume way too much junk food together. (What’s with all teens seeming to love Spicy Doritos, Takis, Sour Candy, and Oreos?? I see the combos of food they will have laid out and be plowing through and I just cringe at thinking of how I would feel to have all of that combined in my own stomach!)

Young moms: don’t let anyone tell you that the teen years are going to be this awful, horrific time! Yes, you will need Jesus like never before, but instead of dreading it, I encourage you to look forward to it! Practice staying up late, get used to lots of opening up your hands and letting go and trusting God, and maybe stock up on Spicy Doritos… and then get ready for a wild and wonderful ride of stepping back and watching your kids walk into adulthood! It’s an amazing journey with lots of beauty and laughter on the way, if you have eyes to see the gifts and goodness that is there!

In this week’s episode of the podcast, Jesse and I talk more about how what you look for is usually what you see and how this frames how seek to approach life. We also talk about books we’re reading, a tip that’s working well for having smoother summer days, Jesse trying out Jui Jitsu, Sudoku, and more!

In This Episode:

[0:32] – I surprise Jesse with having him participate in my Instagram project for the day live during the podcast recording.

[2:04] – We talk about why you should always be prepared for video when doing a radio interview and why we don’t do our podcast as a live video stream.

[5:28] – Today’s topic is about why you should proclaim positivity over your life.

[6:54] – I refer back to a former episode of the podcast about courtship.

[8:23] – What’s saving my life this week is writing out daily lists for our kids.

[11:41] – Jesse shares that he’s been trying out Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym.

[14:47] – I have been listening to the audiobook The Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff

[18:47] – Why Jesse has been doing a lot of sudoku puzzles lately.

[22:34] – So many young moms are scared thinking about their little ones becoming teens.

[23:53] – You get what you expect out of life!

[26:12] – The opportunity to see our children becoming adults is exciting and is a learning experience for everyone

[30:12] – Parenting is about leaning in and loving your kids, as I discuss in my book.

[31:19] – Start proclaiming positivity in your life!

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