134. Our Experience with Covid

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Covid… that was the last thing I expected she would test positive for when our doctor sent us to the hospital when Kierstyn was really, really sick a few weeks ago.

She had come down with a fever and a really bad case of what we thought were hives all of a sudden on Saturday night. We called the after-hours nurse and she had us go in and get it checked out at the walk-in clinic that night. They thought it was just some sort of allergic reaction + a virus. They gave her Benadryl and told us what to watch for and sent us home.

Her fever went up and her hives got worse Sunday night/early Monday morning. She was miserable and my mama heart felt like something wasn’t right. We called our pediatrician Monday morning and got Kierstyn in to see her. Kierstyn’s fever continued to rise and her rash/hives got a lot worse and she was inconsolable, so our pediatrician sent us to the hospital.

In addition to giving her IV fluids and meds, they ran a battery of tests/bloodwork… and we were all shocked when she tested positive for rhinovirus and Covid. (We knew something was up when the lady came in in a sort of hazmat looking suit to tell us the results!!)

They were able to find some meds to give her some relief and calm her down and her breathing looked good, so they sent us home with meds and what to look for and watch for (they felt she’d be more comfortable at home and they said basically what they were doing at the hospital we could also do at home, since she doesn’t need any oxygen or anything).

In this week’s episode, we share about our experience, what we learned about MIS-C, surprising info that we never expected from test results, and lessons we learned from this experience.

At the beginning of this episode, we start it out like we always do — giving you some life updates, talking about books, sharing about what’s saving our life, and sharing some listener feedback!

Note: I know that even talking about this topic can be hot-button and controversial — something I seek to avoid in what I post here. We wanted to share our story since so many of you care and were praying when Kierstyn got so sick + we are hopeful that our story will be helpful to some of you — since there was a lot we learned in the process and wish we had known. However, we tried to tell it in a way that would not be controversial or triggering to anyone. Instead, we hope it is helpful. As always, comments that are seeking to debate or are related to hot-button issues will be deleted. There are plenty of other spaces to discuss those things on the internet. Thank you for making this a debate-free, politics-free blog! 🙂

In This Episode:

[0:35] – We explain why we took the last two weeks off.

[2:00] – We also went on our annual trip recently with my extended family.

[2:55] – I recently finished listening to The President Is Missing — an audiobook Jesse recommended!

[8:06] – What has been saving my life.

[10:30] – Hear a funny story about my recent trip to the dentist.

[12:57] – It’s listener feedback time!

[18:16] – We start sharing our recent story involving our experience with COVID-19.

[20:45] – Learn about what happened a couple weeks ago on the weekend of a baseball tournament.

[23:11] – We share what our daughter was initially diagnosed with.

[26:06] – Our daughter’s fever was 104, and medical personnel knew something was wrong.

[28:48] – We were shocked to find out that Kierstyn tested positive for COVID.

[31:26] – We had so much planned that the COVID diagnosis impacted.

[34:09] – The new hospital where Kierstyn was transferred didn’t seem as concerned.

[36:02] – We started thinking back over the last few weeks and things started making sense.

[38:02] – What we learned from the testing we got done.

[40:42] – What Kierstyn’s recovery process looked like.

[41:42] – Two lessons we learned from the experience.

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