153. 8 Ways I Simplify My Life

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It’s so easy to over-complicate life. To completely miss simple solutions because they are, well, just too easy!

Now, hear me out: I’m not saying you should be lazy or lax. What I am saying is that there’s no point in wasting a lot of time and energy on making life more complicated or difficult than it needs to be. The more we pare down to what matters most, the more time we have to intentionally invest in what’s important.

Two questions I ask regularly as I come up against a problem or just go throughout normal life are:

1. How can I make this easier?

2. What can I do to simplify this?

I firmly believe that simplicity is a superpower. And while I have always focused on keeping things simple, the last three years of two pregnancies and fostering two other babies has caused me to simplify even more! In this episode, I share 8 ways I simplify my life.

Jesse and I also talk about a favorite TV show, a documentary we’re watching, what we’re reading, and what’s saving our lives.

In This Episode

[00:34] – Welcome to another episode of The Crystal Paine Show.

[01:45] – It has been an eventful week, with a pretty significant amount of snow.

[02:45] – One of our favorite shows on TV has returned.

[03:43] – We talk about a documentary that Jesse and I are watching.

[06:54] – What has been saving my life for some time now.

[08:00] – Jesse jokes about what is saving his life.

[09:21] – I finished an audible book that was recommended by a listener.

[13:15] – Let’s talk about simplifying our lives instead of over-complicating them. Here are 8 ways I do this…

[13:24] – I wear the same outfit over and over again.

[14:09] – My make-up and hair routine.

[16:00] – We keep meals really simple.

[16:42] – We don’t have many toys.

[17:55] – We have the older kids be in charge of many aspects of their lives.

[20:33] – We have a donation bin.

[21:18] – I avoid work related meetings and phone calls.

[22:37] – Systems for organizing emails and piles of paper.

[23:40] – Some of these may not work for you but I want to challenge you: how can you simplify?

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