165. Wisdom from a mom of 14 (with Nicole Homan)

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“Home is for learning and not for perfection.” In this week’s must-listen-to podcast episode, Nicole Homan — author of They Call Me Mama — shares lessons she’s learned as the mom of 14 kids. She tells the story of their unexpected journey to growing their family to 16 (14 kids + parents), what it’s really like to have such a full house, how she finds time for quiet, mantras that carry her through, the pain of failed adoption, and how to have the courage to say yes to God’s call — even when it completely scares you. This episode is so packed with truth and inspiration. I came away from this interview so encouraged and motivcated as a mom. I think every mom should listen to it (and even if you’re not a mom, you’ll get a lot from her words of wisdom!) In This Episode [00:34] – Welcome to another episode of The Crystal Paine Show [02:01] – Nicole introduces herself. [03:39] – When you first got married, were you planning on having kids right away? [05:50] – Nicole found out she was pregnant right before their first adoption. And their family quickly then grew to 10 — in unexpected ways. [09:00] – What advice, what encouragement would you have for someone who, they want to step out but fear is holding them back? [11:11] – Were there moments when you were thinking, “what did we say yes to”? [13:13] – What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by the mess and the noise? [15:08] – How do you cultivate stillness in your heart? [16:48] – Nicole shares super practical tips for moms to get quiet time when you have lots of littles. [19:23] – Nicole shares the unexpected story of how they went from 10 children to 14 children. [23:10] – The pain of a failed adoption. [25:05] – If you could go back and talk to yourself 20 years ago, what would you say?

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