169. Helping our teens deepen their relationship with Jesus (with Angela Perritt)

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I hear from so many moms who ask for suggestions on how to help their teens develop a closer relationship with Jesus. So I’m excited to have Angelia Perritt joining me in the studio for this conversation. She has three daughters and she just released a beautiful new bible called, Young Women Love God Greatly Bible.

In this week’s episode, we start by talking about how we can cultivate a relationship with Jesus ourselves as moms. Angela and I discuss some practical ways for us to study the Bible and take what we read and apply it to our daily lives. What if you have questions or doubts? Angela addresses that, too.

We then talk more about ways to encourage our teens to trust in God’s faithfulness and that following Jesus doesn’t mean they’ll always get everything right and how we can show grace as they wrestle through what they believe. I especially loved what Angela shared about creating a safe space for our kids in our homes and in our relationships.

I hope this episode inspires you with ideas and encouragement. And I’d love to hear what tips or advice you would add!

In This Episode

[00:34] – Welcome to another episode of The Crystal Paine Show.

[01:12] – Angela shares a little about her background and family and talks about putting together this Bible

[05:46] – I think there are so many teens right now who are really questioning the existence of God and also the goodness of God.

[06:35] – How do you wrestle with this, with your girls?

[09:06] – Could a girl who has no exposure to the Bible pick this one up and understand it?

[13:16] – Have you always known how to study scripture?

[15:37] – Angela shares how she is instilling the love of God in her home and with her family.

[17:31] – Angela gives advice on taking the time to reading God’s word.

[21:00] – What encouragement do you have for a mom, who is seeing her teenager struggle?

[24:40] – How do you cultivate that safe space?

[26:30] – What is the one thing you would want to tell the mom who has heart for God?

[29:40] – You can connect with Angela on her website, Love God Greatly.

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