170. Making Sabbath Rest a Priority (with Bob & Linda Lotich)

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“Start where you are.” Such a short statement but has such a huge impact.

In this episode of The Crystal Paine Show, Bob and Linda Lotich, authors of their new book Simple Money, Rich Life: Achieve True Financial Freedom and Design a Life of Eternal Impact, talk about how they’ve made Sabbath a priority in their home and lives.

In this age of busyness when we all have a lot on our plates, is Sabbath rest even possible? If so, what would that look like? We delve into what it looks like for Bob & Linda and how we all can find ways to practice it in our own lives — even if we have a very full schedule.

We also talk about how this practice is more about our hearts and releasing our sense of control and micromanaging our lives and instead resting in Jesus.

Bob and Linda share their experiences, what they’ve learned, how this practice has deeply impacted them, and struggles they have encountered along the way. I hope this episode inspires you with ideas for how you, too, can implement a regular practice of Sabbath in your own life and what that might look like for you.

In This Episode

[00:34] – Welcome to another episode of The Crystal Paine Show.

[01:28] – Bob & Linda introduce themselves.

[04:57] – How did you recognize there was a need for Sabbath?

[05:57] – Bob talks about how hard it was to take a break for a week the first time.

[07:05] – Did it shift something in your soul when you took time off?

[09:20] – Bob and Linda explain how they set up and delegate when taking off time.

[10:45] – What can someone do if they don’t have the luxury of taking a full month off or even a week off?

[13:05] – Linda shares that what you can do is make your time count and be intentional.

[14:28] – I read a snippet from Simple Money, Rich Life.

[16:42] – How do you practice Sabbath when you have young kids to take care of?

[18:20] – Bob and Linda share what Sunday Family Day looks like.

[20:12] – We talk about the advice they would share with a couple who may not be on the same page.

[23:40] – The question to ask is, “What does this look like for each person?”

[24:12] – How have you invited and talked to your kids about Sabbath?

[26:12] – Linda and Bob unpack what it means to live the lifestyle of the Sabbath.

[29:19] – We discuss one practical step that you can take to help you rest in Jesus.

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