183. A Love-Stretched Life (with Jillana Goble)

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Author of the brand new book A Love-Stretched Life, Jillana Goble joins me today to talk about her family and the children whom she has fostered, and I am so honored to have her because I appreciate her experience and her heart!

She reveals what prompted her interest in foster care, how she struggled at first and what she learned from those struggles, why we should have empathy for biological parents with kids in foster care, and so much more.

Jillana also gives some really helpful advice such as how to walk alongside others even when fostering isn’t for you, how to conquer the fear of being a foster parent and walking in close proximity to birth parents, how to be welcoming but have the necessary boundaries, and more. As someone who has been fostering for as long as she has, she is such a wealth of knowledge. I hope that you find this conversation with her interesting and insightful, and be sure to check out A Love-Stretched Life.

In This Episode

[00:35] – I am so honored to have Jillana Goble on the podcast today!

[02:05] – Jillana shares some background information about herself and her family.

[03:18] – Why did Jillana foster children before having children biologically?

[06:33] – Jillana discusses her mindset prior to starting fostering.

[09:11] – Hear Jillana’s story about one of her children’s birth mothers.

[10:36] – I discuss my own experiences meeting birth parents.

[13:31] – Jillana points out that parents with kids in foster care were often kids in foster care.

[15:06] – Jillana offers advice on how to walk alongside others if fostering isn’t for us.

[16:50] – Hear about being welcoming but with boundaries.

[19:52] – Learn about Charlie, Jillana’s son with special needs.

[23:00] – Jillana enthuses about Charlie’s personality and interests.

[25:47] – I offer my own insight into having a child with special needs.

[26:57] – When did Jillana notice that something was different about Charlie?

[29:52] – We discuss having to be dependent on others.

[31:22] – What does a love-stretched life look like?

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A Love-Stretched Life: Stories on Wrangling Hope, Embracing the Unexpected, and Discovering the Meaning of Family by Jillana Goble

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