191. Highlights from 2022 + Some BIG News!

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Welcome to the very last episode of the podcast before we move into 2023! It has been a really eventful 2022, so we are spending this episode taking a look back at 2022, reflecting on the big events of the year, including finishing my next book and giving birth to Micah.

We talk about how we have two teenagers who are preparing for college, how this year has provided a lot of opportunities for me to talk about foster care, what challenges we have faced this year, and much more!

You will also want to stay tuned to the end of the podcast for an exciting announcement that is, for the time being, completely exclusive to this podcast! You’re hearing it here first!

In This Episode

[00:33] – This is the last episode of 2022!

[01:41] – Discover the title of my new book!

[04:51] – Micah has been a blessing from 2022.

[07:06] – This year has not been without its challenges.

[09:29] – We also have our older girls getting ready to go to college.

[12:18] – Jesse and I have learned to let go this year.

[13:10] – I reflect back on prioritizing community.

[16:37] – I touch upon how we began homeschooling again this year.

[18:27] – Our oldest is in a dating relationship for the first time this year.

[21:20] – Listen for an exciting exclusive announcement!

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