192. Our Goals for 2023

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Welcome to the very first episode of 2023! As a way of ushering in the new year, we thought that it would be appropriate to share our goals for 2023!

My new book The Time-Saving Mom is coming out in March, and I also have six children, all of which is already a lot, so I have gone about setting realistic and specific goals for 2023 in a way that is challenging me but not overwhelming me. I also want to be sure that my goals all correlate with my values and what I want to be able to accomplish by the end of my life.

We hope that you will listen in as Jesse and I share our goals for the new year, including but not limited to being overall physically healthier, having one family dinner per week, finishing reading or listening to one book per week, and setting aside time for a date with at least one family member per week. We also hope that you will tune in next week as we expand upon a very exciting announcement!

In This Episode

[00:35] – This is the first episode of 2023!

[02:17] – Does Jesse get excited about the start of a new year like I do?

[03:32] – We share an exciting announcement!

[06:00] – Hear why I am prioritizing sleep.

[08:37] – I share my first goal for 2023.

[10:41] – I explain why I want to lose body fat in 2023.

[13:13] – I have been sure to drink a lot of water and get a healthy amount of sleep.

[15:08] – Jesse wants to be more consistent with fitness.

[16:12] – Hear what my second goal for 2023 is!

[18:37] – I reveal goal #3.

[20:09] – I share my fourth goal for 2023.

[22:01] – I reveal and explain my fifth goal.

[24:33] – I want to delete 300 photos from my phone each week.

[27:37] – Jesse touches upon the importance of being effective and intentional.

[29:14] – Learn about my habit tracking system.

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The Time-Saving Mom: How to Juggle a Lot, Enjoy Your Life, and Accomplish What Matters Most by Crystal Paine

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