197. 4 Things We’ve Learned After 18 Years of Parenting

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We had a big milestone happen recently: our oldest child, Kathrynne, turned 18 and is officially an adult!! Today, we reflect on the last 18 years of parenting and four important lessons we’ve learned.

If I could go back, I would work less and chase numbers and business growth a whole lot less, I’d be more present and take time to really notice and celebrate the small things, I’d stop trying to fix my kids and just walk with them, and I’d worry a lot less about what other people think.

I hope our honest reflections in this episode really encourage you — no matter where you are in your parenting journey.

In This Episode

[00:35] – We are now the parents of an adult!

[02:45] – I got a copy of my new book!

[05:49] – I am currently listening to Carnegie’s Maid by Marie Benedict.

[06:55] – Jesse has been reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

[08:23] – What has been saving my life recently?

[12:28] – We dive into lessons we’ve learned over the last eighteen years of parenting.

[15:37] – I touch upon fear being a reason I may have worked too much.

[18:39] – Learn about what happened when I finally stopped chasing numbers.

[21:10] – Jesse realizes there is a lot he doesn’t remember when our bigger ones were small.

[25:03] – I wish that I would have cared less about what others thought.

[27:05] – I wish I’d have spent more time walking with my kids rather than trying to “fix” them.

[31:25] – There is always still time for redemption.