214. Shiny Happy People: Our Honest Thoughts

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This may be one of the most controversial episodes I’ve ever recorded – and also the most personal! Amazon recently released a 4-part docu-series called Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. While this series focuses on the Duggar family primarily, it dives into the world and beliefs of those who were part of the IBLP/ATI program – which was the program and culture I grew up in.

We got so many requests from people to share our thoughts on the docu-series, so we sat down and recorded a very unscripted podcast on what it was like for me to grow up in this culture + our honest thoughts on the docu-series.

You might not agree with our perspective, but I hope that this episode makes you think and/or encourages you in your journey, whether you may be.


In This Episode

[00:38] – Today’s topic is on the show Shiny Happy People.

[03:31] – I share a little of my background and what it was like growing up in the IBLP/ATI program.

[08:15] – Is the docu-series sensationalized?

[10:09] – We all bring baggage and dysfunction from childhood.

[12:11] – Jesse and I caught something interesting in the first episode.

[15:01] – We discuss the idolatry of the family.

[17:27] – Hear about how it was interesting to watch this show with our kids.

[20:30] – We discuss how obedience was instilled/taught.

[24:36] – Why success was so important in the IBLP/ATI program.

[26:08] – Pursuing Godliness without the gospel leads to dysfunction.

[29:17] – Where might I be seeking formulas in my own life?


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