218. 21 Days of No Sugar and the surprising lessons I’m learning

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Is there something that you are relying on to give you joy, fulfillment, or that you just feel like you “have to have” or “can’t live without”? I was recently convicted about how much I was relying upon sugar… and it inspired me to try doing a three-week-long no sugar challenge.

In this episode, we share why and how I went twenty-one days without sugar as well and what changes I experienced along the way. Don’t worry! The purpose of this episode is not to shame you for your sugar intake or even to try to convince you to give it up, but I hope it inspires you in some way to consider if there’s something you are relying upon in an unhealthy way.

We start the episode by sharing some life updates, what books we have been reading, and an interesting drink I’ve been drinking recently and then we move into talking about how Natalie Runion inadvertently inspired me to this no-sugar challenge for twenty-one days. I share the reason why I have decided to do this, why I have not been extremely militant about the rules, what has surprised me about this challenge, and how it has made a difference in my life.

As I said, though, the purpose of this episode is not to shame you for something like sugar consumption or to try to convince you to do what I have been doing. This is my own personal journey that I am choosing to share, and I don’t even have a plan yet for what I am doing after my twenty-one days are up! I just really want to encourage you to think about things that you might be mindlessly using to get through your day in a dysfunctional way.

In This Episode

[00:35] – Don’t stop listening just because of today’s topic!

[01:34] – Jesse is about to go on a deep-sea fishing trip.

[03:14] – Micah just turned a year old.

[04:19] – Hear another exciting update we haven’t yet shared on the podcast.

[07:54] – I read a book recently that I absolutely love!

[11:53] – Jesse is just about finished reading Breaking History by Jared Kushner.

[15:35] – Check out my What I’m Loving Wednesday series on Instagram.

[19:00] – Pickleball Cocktail has been saving my life.

[20:52] – Three weeks without sugar: why I’m doing this and what inspired it.

[24:39] – What my parameters are for this challenge and how it has impacted me.

[31:20] – Hear some closing wisdom from Jesse.