220. 3 Unexpected Lifestyle Changes I Made This Summer

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In this podcast episode, Jesse and I discuss three unexpected life changes that I have made over this summer — inspired by a blood test I took earlier this year. I share why I made them, how I’m tracking them (and an app that has worked so well!) and the unexpected impact they have made on my life. We also talk about how these have turned into some daily choices that are now habits that I do without thinking.

While I don’t expect you to make these same changes, I hope this episode can serve as inspiration and motivation that small consistent tweaks to our life can add up to big overall changes. I’d love to hear if you set any goals as a result of listening and I’d love to hear the accountability you set in place for your goals.

In This Episode

[00:35] – Today’s topic is about the three big changes that I’ve made to my routine this summer.

[02:16] – Jesse had so much fun on his recent fishing trip with Silas.

[07:18] – We just got back home last night from a trip to Branson, Missouri.

[08:59] – Hear about the exciting events that happened before we left — and on the trip itself!

[14:04] – We stayed in a condo on the trip instead of a hotel.

[17:49] – We had a blast in Silver Dollar City, but it was definitely hot!

[20:23] – Jesse and I started listening to The Fountains of Silence on the trip.

[22:21] – I move into talking about my three unexpected life changes.

[23:43] – Because I like alliteration, I called the goals: sun, steps, and sleep.

[25:10] – The app I’m using is called Strides.

[30:59] – Starting my day with sunlight and fresh air has been so good for me.

[31:46] – Learn what I have learned about my sleep schedule.

[33:18] – This has also encouraged our kids, too.

[35:10] – My main objective has been a healthier lifestyle. What is your why?