221. The Worry-Free Parent (with Sissy Goff)

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I’m so honored to have Sissy Goff back in the studio to discuss her new book, The Worry-Free Parent: Living in Confidence So Your Kids Can Too. When Sissy was here a couple years ago for her book Raising Worry Free Girls, the response was phenomenal, and to this day, I still hear from so many parents who were deeply impacted by that book!

A counselor for over 30 years who helps families through her counseling practice, Sissy joins me today to discuss her new book, The Worry-Free Parent. I highly recommend this book if you have ever struggled with feeling like you aren’t doing enough as a parent or stressing over the present and the future for your kids.

In this episode, Sissy shares how so many kids today are dealing with anxiety that actually stems from their parents’ own anxiety. She gives practical tools parents can implement immediately to help them feel less uptight, scared, or stressed about how they might be messing up their kids or missing the mark as a parent.

I especially appreciated how honest she was about how trying to bubble wrap and protect our kids from struggle is actually a way we end up hurting our kids and making life harder for them in the long run.

She shares how anxiety in both parents and kids can stem from intrusive thoughts becoming stuck in a “loop rollercoaster” in our minds. In our conversation, I ask her to walk us through calming techniques to help shift us out of that loop. We talk about what it looks like to get to the root of where our worry and fear is coming from and what to do about it.

This is another powerful episode that you don’t want to miss!

In This Episode

[00:35] – Sissy Goff returns to the podcast today!

[4:04] – A suggestion from Sissy’s editor prompted her to write two books.

[8:55] – It’s normal for parents to worry, but anxiety is when intrusive thoughts become stuck and take control.

[13:49] – Parents should realize that many times their anxiety stems from wanting the best for their kids.

[15:04] – What it looks like to practice deep breathing and grounding techniques.

[18:22] – My anxiety stemmed from caring too much about what others thought of my parenting.

[19:50] – Sissy feels that mothers are too hard on themselves nowadays.

[22:42] – The five different types of parenting.

[25:49] – Letting your kids experience discomfort helps build character and resilience in them.

[28:30] – How releasing my need for control to God helps alleviate my anxiety.


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