227. Paying Attention in a Distracted World (with Paul Angone)

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I am so excited to welcome Paul Angone back to the show, who was first on back in episode 127! Paul joins me today to talk about his book Listen to Your Day, delving into the concept of paying attention in the digital age and sharing how he’s transformed and improved his own relationship with his phone.

We discuss the challenges of maintaining healthy relationships with loved ones and strangers in a digital world full of distractions, highlighting how parents are often juggling the demands of family and work. We touch upon the growing concern around the relationship between children and social media, and we talk about the importance of being present and attentive to loved ones. Paul also shares some practical tips for doing so, such as asking meaningful questions, starting the day with intention, and making eye contact with people rather than constantly looking down at our phones.

Paul encourages us to build deeper connections with people, not just with loved ones but with strangers that we come across in the grocery store as well, and he suggests starting the day off with a simple question: “What do I want to focus on today?” This, he argues, can really help set the tone for a more intentional approach to life.

This was such a wonderful conversation, and I strongly encourage you to read Paul’s book titled Listen to Your Day! I love it so much that I have had to limit how many pages I read each day so that I don’t tear through it too quickly! Between listening to this captivating conversation with him and reading his book, you’re sure to walk away with a much deeper understanding of how to cultivate a more meaningful life!


In This Episode

[0:35] – Today’s conversation is with Paul Angone, author of Listen to Your Day!

[2:18] – Paul discusses the origin of the book.

[4:33] – Paul navigates parenting and work while avoiding smartphone distractions.

[7:09] – I question the impact of phones, acknowledging their problems despite their usefulness.

[8:05] – Paul highlights parallels between his creative journey and the duality of smartphones.

[10:54] – Paul emphasizes the need for intentionality in managing phone usage.

[13:31] – I discuss my own personal experience with social media addiction.

[15:23] – We must address social media’s impact and model healthy phone use for kids.

[18:07] – Paul argues for promoting presence, modeling healthy habits, and engaging with kids.

[19:53] – I point out how social media can fill a void in our hearts sometimes, offering validation.

[21:40] – Paul emphasizes the importance of paying attention to relationships in our daily lives.

[23:42] – Building connections through questions and engagement fosters trust and love.

[26:06] – Maintaining eye contact and meaningful interactions for just seven seconds matters.

[27:28] – Paul points out that we should avoid missing out on “not so chance encounters.”

[29:20] – Noticing small details in conversations can lead to deeper connections.

[30:35] – Learn how Paul has improved his relationship with his phone.

[34:06] – Paul’s book provides a framework to discover priorities and start the day with intention.

[35:37] – Start your day off by asking yourself what you want to focus on that day.


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