235. One simple tweak that has made a big impact in our lives

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Jesse and I did something we’ve never done before for this episode: we recorded it twice! Not because of technical issues, either. Listen in for why (and you can laugh!)

In this week’s podcast, we share a candid glimpse into some struggles we’ve experienced in recent months that prompted a conversation that led to a change in our daily lives. We talk about some of the hurdles that come with working from home and how these have impacted us recently.

We also talk about how to be honest when you feel stuck, how to assess and acknowledge your challenges, and how to move forward from stuck to solutions.

Throughout the conversation, listen in as we emphasize the importance of recognizing that you’re never truly stuck, and we encourage listeners to be open to new perspectives and approaches. Join us as we share our journey of embracing change, finding solutions, and discovering the transformative power of a fresh perspective!

In This Episode

[1:37] – RSV, stomach bugs, and surgery… it’s not been dull around here!

[10:37] – I just finished listening to a really fascinating novel!

[15:19] – What has been saving my life?

[16:10] – Car seat covers have been so helpful!

[20:24] – We are talking about a little tweak that has made a big difference in our lives!

[22:51] – Learn about the four As to tweak your life!

[24:57] – I felt resistance to Jesse’s idea at first.

[29:46] – I detail how this tweak brought unexpected benefits.

[34:56] – Jesse adds not to dismiss possibilities based on perceived impracticality.

[35:52] – I emphasize the importance of not believing that you’re stuck; there’s always a solution.