240. Kathrynne shares about her first semester at college

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Welcome to the final episode of The Crystal Paine Show for 2023! I am so thrilled to bring back a familiar voice – my daughter Kathrynne! In this episode, we reflect on Kathrynne’s first semester of college, exploring the highs, lows, and the valuable lessons learned. From the challenges of living independently to the joys of making new friends, Kathrynne shares her perspective on the transition from high school to college life.

We take a dive into her initial uncertainty about the chosen college, the surprising ease of making acquaintances, and the deeper bonds forged over time. Kathrynne offers practical advice for upcoming college students, emphasizing the importance of intentional connections, reaching out to others, and starting good habits early on.

She candidly shares her experience with procrastination on a major History project, highlighting the crucial lesson she learned in managing time effectively. We also touch on the impact of faith in college, the challenges of maintaining relationships while in different schools, and the overall growth and self-discovery that come with this transformative journey.

I’m so grateful Kathrynne was willing to join me again to share on the podcast and I hope that this episode encourages you — no matter where you are in life, that God is faithful to provide, that community is worth investing in, and sometimes what you think is just a small stepping stone turns out to be the path you’re supposed to be on for longer than just a short season.

In This Episode

[0:35] – It’s the last episode of 2023 and I’m bringing back a very popular guest: my daughter, Kathrynne!

[2:16] – How does Kathrynne feel now that her first semester is over?

​​[3:10] – Kathrynne reveals how she embraced the challenges of transitioning from high school to college, building new friendships and connections.

[6:34] – How a painting night and saying yes turned into lasting relationships.

[9:32] – Transitioning to independence in college brought newfound responsibilities, from grocery shopping to managing schedules and expenses.

[12:22] – Hear about what influenced Kathrynne’s decision to stay at MTSU rather than transfer.

[15:19] – Lessons learned on long-distance relationships.

[18:48] – A 10-page family history essay that Kathrynne recently finished and how she discovered she doesn’t like procrastination!

[22:41] – Parting words to juniors and seniors preparing for and thinking of college soon.