25. The Year My Body Broke Down (with Jesse Paine)

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A photo of Jesse and Crystal Paine

After last time Jesse was on my podcast, I got a request from a listener asking if he could do more of the talking on the episodes he’s on. He’s actually quite a talker when he feels comfortable in situations (and can give me a run for my money when it comes to talking!), so I loved this request because I think it encouraged him to know that you all enjoy what he has to share and he doesn’t have to feel like he needs to hold back.

So I’m excited that you’ll be hearing more from him in this episode — and in future episodes! I asked him if he wanted to share his own “what’s saving my life” suggestion and he brought a great resource this week and it’s something that has helped him spend less time on his phone. We talk about that and about an app I’ve been using that has been so helpful for me, too. 

We also talk about the books we’ve been reading and then we dive into another episode about our story. This time around, we pick up where we had just moved back to Wichita and he started his law firm.

We share some of the pretty cool things that happened to help his law firm get off the ground, we talk about how my sister basically saved us when we had to move and I was middle of morning sickness, we share about our awful flea-infested house, the joys and stresses of that season,

Tune in to hear more about Jesse’s law practice, the move we made during this time (while I was pregnant!), the terrible flea infestation that we had to deal with, and how I pushed way too hard and ended up wrecking my health.

In This Episode:

[02:12] – Ready to hear what’s saving our lives this week? In keeping with the request from a listener, Jesse and I both share today!

[05:35] – Jesse talks in-depth about using the Full Focus Planner and I share why I decided it wouldn’t work for me.

[07:15] – I share about an app I have been using that has been working surprisingly well for me — and saving us money!

[11:07] – What do you know?? Jesse finished a book and has started another one! We talk about what both of us have been reading.

[14:47] – Jesse and I chat more about moving back to Wichita and why Jesse made the decision to start his own law firm.

[17:13] – An attorney who had recently become a judge had to quit his practice and completely floored us by handing over his phone number and ads to Jesse, which opened some big doors for us and became the bread and butter for beginning his business.

[18:38] – Moving back to Wichita was quite the adventure! We laugh about how we always seem to move when I was in the middle of morning sickness. It was only thanks to my sister’s help that we managed to pull off moving this time around.

[22:13] – And then we discovered that the duplex we were going to move into was infested with fleas!! Despite the fleas, we were excited to move back and be close to family. 

[25:16] – However, I was afraid of going back to barely surviving again that I pushed way too hard when it came to my work hours. In fact, when Silas was born, I didn’t take really any time off to recover. All this “pushing through” hurt my health for years to come and I look back and wish I would have made different choices.

[28:22] – God used this breaking down of my body to really strip me of the last vestiges of my self-sufficient legalism and I look back and am grateful that I couldn’t do it all myself… because I had to really learn to rely on the Lord and to ask for help.

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