38. Marriage and Business: An Honest Conversation (with Jesse Paine)

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Remember that goal I set in 2018 to open our home every single week? Well, it was hard and scary at first, but the more we did it, the more it’s become second nature to use!

Last week alone, we opened up our home all week to host three college girls who are volunteering at Pine Cove Camp in the City, we hosted the Girls’ Bible Study for the teen girls at church (I think maybe 20 girls came?), we had multiple teens over, we had two couples over for dinner, and we had a family over for dinner.

And I loved it! In this week’s episode, Jesse and I open the show by talking more about the lessons we’ve learned on hospitality and how it has changed our lives to re-define what true hospitality is.

(Want to hear more encouragement for practicing hospitality, even if it scares you? Be sure to check out the episode devoted to this topic with Jen Schmidt, author of Just Open the Door.

We also dive into the topic of Habit Trackers and how both of us are using them this summer — me for a specific goal and Jesse to help the kids stay on track and be more productive. I share how I’ve been making huge progress toward a goal with just a simple change in my perspective and by putting some accountability in place. And Jesse shares how this printable habit lists he put together for the kids have made a big difference in encouraging the kids to work hard, play hard, and spend less time on electronics!

Instead of an interview, Jesse and I answer a follower’s questions on what it’s really like to work together as a married couple. We discuss decision making, how we handle conflict and disagreement, who decides how the money is spent, how we make decisions on what risks to take, and how we balance being a spender and a saver who are also married and in business together.

Whether you are a couple who works together or you are just curious to hear more of the behind-the-scenes of our business operations or you just want to know how we’ve stayed friends and business partners who are also married, you won’t want to miss this episode!

In This Episode:

[00:51] – So many people have been in and out of our house lately that we joke that we’re past the “Just Open the Door” stage and have moved onto “Just Leave the Door Open” stage!

[05:46] – In addition to sharing important lessons we’ve learned from our commitment to open up our home every week, we also chat about how we encourage the kids to practice hospitality when inviting their friends over.

[07:01] – Have you ever used a habit tracker? I just started using one to better prioritize my time and it’s working! (so far…) You can check it out here, I snagged it from Abby Lawson.

[13:30] – Jesse has been using a habit tracker with the kids to keep them busy and engaged! They are working toward a big “end of summer” surprise! 

[16:26] – Over the next few weeks, Jesse and I will be tackling some of the most-asked questions and topics you all have submitted as podcast episode suggestions.

[17:06] – This week, we’re having a very honest conversation about what it’s like to be married and business partners — and how we make it work all while staying best friends.

[19:32] – How do we make big business decisions — does one person have more say than another? We share more on our roles and how they play out.

[24:09] – What if we don’t agree? We chat about what we do when we don’t agree and agreeing often involves waiting or compromising.

[28:12] – One of us is a spender and the other is a saver (can you guess who is who?) How does this work in our business?

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