39. My Struggle with Anxiety (with Jesse Paine)

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A few months ago, I did an Instagram Live on anxiety where I talked about what to say to someone who struggles with anxiety.

In that live, I opened about walking with Jesse through his anxiety and the lessons that I’ve learned through it. After I did that video, I got a lot of feedback and followup questions and some requests for us to do a podcast dedicated to the topic.

In this episode, Jesse shares really candidly about his struggles with anxiety and how it manifests itself. He also shares what has helped him to process through his anxiety and not live life paralyzed in fear.

If you’ve ever battled anxiety or you are close to someone who does, I think his story and honesty will really encourage you.

In This Episode:

[00:26] – Welcome back to the Traveling Diaries of the Paine family! I start by giving some life updates and sharing some funny . and rather crazy stories from the past few days.

[12:05] – Today, Jesse is opening up to share about his battle with anxiety. 

[14:10] – As he’s gotten older, his anxiety has manifested itself through health-related anxiety and travel anxiety. We talk about how some of this was likely related to trauma from his childhood.

[21:56] – It was hard to know how to respond when Jesse would spin out with health-related stress — should I have compassion or should I tell him it’s anxiety? We’ve spent a lot of money on health-related tests and Jesse has spent hours upon hours and sleepless nights Googling his health conditions.

[26:48] – We chat about what not to say to someone with anxiety and how you need to address the root of the anxiety, not just the surface manifestation.

[32:08] – Jesse shares what has helped him stop being so controlled by anxiety. It’s simple, but it’s made such a difference. 

[34:30] – Let yourself feel the pain so that you can heal from the pain.

[36:12] – Not all anxiety is created equal! Make sure to treat your anxiety holistically.

[39:58] – Acknowledging and healing our own anxiety has helped us to better parent by recognizing anxiety triggers and giving our kids the space to express their emotions and feelings.

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