44. Our #1 Tip for a Stronger Marriage

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Jesse and I are so very, very different. And I love it so much (well, most of the time!)

Case in point: Jesse and I went to Home Depot recently to pick out lighting fixtures for the bathroom renovation. I walked in, scanned the shelves, and picked the first fixture that was inexpensive and looked like it would match.

Jesse, on the other hand, had spent at least an hour beforehand looking at multiple websites, researching brands, and comparing options. Then, in store, he analyzed the pros and cons, price, and durability of each potential lighting fixture.

Even though our differences can sometimes drive each other batty, the longer we’ve been married, the more we appreciate how our unique perspective compliments the other.

For instance, if I were the only one in charge of choosing a lighting fixture, my lack of research and hasty decision-making would land us with a lemon of a light fixture that wouldn’t work well and wouldn’t last.

On the other hand, if Jesse were solely in charge of picking out a light fixture, he’d probably still be in Home Depot right now… because there’s always something else you need to research.

And that’s why we need each other. He’s the slow down to my hurry up. And I love him so much!

When we stop trying to change our spouse and instead appreciate the gift that their differences bring to our life, it transforms our marriage!

In this episode, we share more about how learning to see, accept, and embrace our differences has changed our marriage in such a powerful way. And we share how this can apply to all relationships.

In This Episode: 

[00:26] – We’re back! Hear about our foray into fostering through respite care.

[03:48] – What’s saving our lives? For Jesse it’s the YNAB app. For me? It’s Waze.

[11:41] – Jesse talks about a book he just finished and I read a poignant excerpt of a book I just finished that goes hand-in-hand with our last episode.

[16:33] – Today Jesse and I share about our number one tip for creating a stronger marriage (well, Jesse isn’t quite sure about that!)

[19:20] – We discuss one of the things that has caused the most conflict in our marriage and how it has played out over the years.

[22:09] – Trying to change your spouse never works… it only creates more conflict and tension.

[22:55] – The secret to healthier, happier relationships? Recognize, own, and embrace your differences and see them as a gift.

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