50. 4 Rhythms You Need in Your Life (with Rebekah Lyons)

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“We don’t need to hustle to prove something God already says is true.” I can’t stop thinking about this quote, ever since I read it in Rebekah Lyon’s book, Rhythms of Renewal.

If we’re gut honest, how often are we working so hard in an effort to try to impress someone else, earn someone’s approval, or prove something to ourselves or others?

Jesus came so we can stop striving and instead rest in the beautiful truth that we are enough in Him. We don’t have to do more, be more, try harder, do better, and hustle like crazy to win His favor. In Christ, we are pre-approved. There’s rest and freedom at the foot of the Cross!

I was so honored to get to sit down and record a podcast episode with Rebekah Lyons recently on what it looks like to live from a place of renewal and rest instead of from a place of stress. We talked about the 4 rhythms everyone needs to have in their life, how easy it can be to incorporate them, and how much of a difference they can make.

She also shared about their recent adoption and how this “holy interruption” has beautiful impacted their life in ways she couldn’t dream or imagine.

If you struggle with feeling overwhelmed, constantly stressed, and/or always needing to try to rightly control every situation in your life, don’t miss this week’s podcast episode.

In This Episode: 

[01:18] Rebekah shares a bit about herself, her story, and how her new daughter has dramatically changed her life and work.

[04:21] Listen as Rebekah and I share the books we’re reading.

[07:54] Hear why Joy, Rebekah’s new daughter, is saving her life.

[14:13] What’s saving my life? My gratitude journal!

[15:36] Rebekah and I dive into what inspired her to write her newest book.

[21:17] Learn the four rhythms we should focus on in our lives and in what order.

[25:12] View this book as an “undo” type of book. It’s not meant to add to your plate but to clear it.

[26:45] Practice the rhythms by doing small things every day. Rebekah gives great starting points and ideas!

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