58. Building Father-Daughter Relationships

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On this week’s episode of the podcast, we’re talking about how to build a strong father-daughter relationship — and I brought in my resident expert, Jesse, to give us input. (I didn’t mention this on the podcast, but we also asked the girls to both give input on what they feel helps to build a strong relationship and that was some of the basis of what Jesse shared.)

It has been so beautiful to watch Jesse lean in and love his daughters so well as they’ve gotten older. I know there can be a tendency for dads to pull back as girls get older and it can feel somewhat awkward as they are no longer little girls and are blossoming into young women.

In this podcast, I ask Jesse to talk about how he has nurtured relationships with the girls, fostered strong communication and openness, and what he’s done to continue to build into them as they’ve gotten older.

He drops a lot of truth nuggets including the importance of making them feel valued, challenging them but not expecting perfection, and how to get them to want to talk with you.

I hope this conversation encourages you. As always, we welcome your thoughts, constructive criticism, and feedback!

In This Episode: 

[01:24] Soup is saving my life right now and check out the recipes we’ve tried recently.

[03:32] Jesse’s talks about how his Post-It whiteboard gym schedule has made such a difference for him.

[06:44] I share my book recommendation for this week and why it was so impactful to me.

[10:58] Does Jesse feel like he’s felt the need to pull back from the girls as they get older? 

[14:06] Learn what Jesse aims to do by asking the girls the hard questions as they grow up.

[16:22] Take the time to invest in your girls’ friendships as well.

[19:51] Communicating to your kids that they are valued and loved is the key.

[20:24] Affirm their strengths, character, and growth — and focus on the positives.

[22:50] Don’t rescue your kids when they’re struggling. Struggle builds strength.

[25:15] Hear Jesse’s parting wisdom on how to build up young girls.

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