6. Shame, the power of story, and a real look at the writing life (with Katie Ganshert)

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So, apparently you all are very curious about our courtship rules and our first kiss — because we had almost TWICE as many downloads of last week’s episode than we’ve had of any other episode! Wow!

Thank you for the many emails and comments and messages on Instagram. It was fun to read how some of you had never, ever heard of the concept of courtship and some of you had actually had very similar upbringings.

(By the way, I posted a picture on Instagram of Jesse and me at 20 and 21 that might make you smile!)

Today’s show is very different from last week’s but I think you’re going to love it and find it insightful and helpful. We’ll be talking about a perspective shift I had recently, my favorite money-saving website to get Kroger deals, and I’m going to confess a secret about books I don’t think I’ve ever shared publicly before.

Plus, I’m going to be interviewing Katie Ganshert — the author of some of my favorite fiction books (and I’m taking a risk and tackling a hot button topic with her!) and then I’ll close out the show by answering a question on how I balance my life and still find time to relax (and why I’ve decided I can only do two things well per day).

In This Episode:

[01:07] – I woke up pretty overwhelmed by my day… until I read this quote on Instagram and it immediately snapped me out of that stressful space. 

[03:06] – Want to save money at Kroger? I give you the scoop on my very favorite website that you must be following for all the best Kroger deals (and the deals work at Kroger affiliate stores, too!)

[06:05] – This week’s book pick elicit’s a book confession that I don’t think I’ve ever shared publicly before. I hope we can still be friends after you find this out!

[09:31] – Today’s guest is Katie Ganshert — author of some of my favorite Christian fiction books. I love how she writes with such rawness and realness and you’ll love her answer to my question on what inspires her to be so vulnerable in her writing. 

[11:41] – Katie talks about how she stays inspired as a writer, tips for those who want to be a writer, and why she decided to take an entire year off from any book writing.

[17:24] – I ask Katie a hot-button question about her book No One Ever Asked. We talk about race, how I can make a difference as a white woman, and how to approach this topic with grace and without ostracizing others. 

[24:56] – I close out the show with a question that was submitted on the topic of balance. I talk about my six areas of priority and how I implement the strategy of only doing two things well per day. 

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