76. BIG updates from our house (with a guest appearance by Kathrynne)

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Well, like I’ve alluded to other places online, the past two weeks have been packed full of so many different, unexpected things. Some good, some hard, some just plain different than what we expected.

It feels almost as if we’ve lived through an entire month in just a week’s time. In this week’s podcast episode, we sit down and talk about some of the BIG updates/changes/unexpected things that happened at our house recently, including:

  • getting a long-term placement from foster care for a preemie who was still in the NICU (he gets out of the hospital today!!!!)
  • the kids being out of school and everything being cancelled — and how we are letting them plan their routine for the day and how that is working for us
  • Kathrynne’s trip to Suriname where she ended up getting stuck there because the country closed their borders due to COVID-19 (she only ended up having to stay two extra days — and she shares more about that experience on the podcast)

If you have some extra time and want a more newsy behind-the-scenes peek into what’s going on at our house right now, don’t miss this episode.

In This Episode: 

[01:25] There have been some major life changes happening lately and we’re going to discuss a few of them in-depth on the podcast today.

[03:21] The kids are planning their own routines during this time and it is saving both my life and Jesse’s life. Hear why we are having our kids be in charge of this and how we went about having them set this up.

[09:11] I’m reading Don’t Overthink It by Anne Bogel and I share some of my favorite quotes.

[12:45] Jesse is reading Fearless by Eric Blehm.

[18:36] Our sweet foster baby should be released from the hospital soon and we are so excited.

[21:24] Kathrynne joins us to chat about her adventures in Suriname. She shares why she went on this trip, what they did on the trip, and her biggest highlight of the trip.

[27:41] Hear all about how the trip ended very differently than any of us could have imagined and Kathrynne felt when they were told that the trip could be extended for 30 days or more. 

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