79. Our Craziest Travel Stories

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I usually have almost endless ideas for content. However, with the world in so much upheaval, I’ve struggled with how to be a podcaster. Should I only talk about the pandemic because it’s impacting everyone’s lives or should I go ahead with producing normal content?

As I was grappling through this, I decided to ask for feedback and thoughts on Instagram on what you would like for us to share on the podcast during this weird season of unknowns. I heard from SO many of you and the resounding response was that you would love lighthearted content that wasn’t COVID-heavy.

While we will continue to acknowledge what’s going on in our world and may have more episodes related to it in the future, we thought it’d be fun to do something different this week and take you on a journey with us (from your home!) on some of our crazy travel adventures!

We share four different crazy travel stories:

  • The first is from my first big international trip and how something I did on my return flight resulted in a big rift between Jesse and I (and on the podcast, as we were sharing the story, Jesse realized that for 5 years, he thought that I had done something I hadn’t done! I guess it’s good we finally cleared that up!)
  • Next up, Jesse shares about something hilarious that went down while he was on a guys’ fishing trip to Louisiana.
  • The third story is one I was a little scared to share publicly and have only told a few people. It’s definitely one of those, “I can’t believe I really did that” moments!!
  • And finally, the last story is the most bizarre… in fact, it’s so crazy that you might think that we made it up. But I promise we didn’t!

In This Episode: 

[01:02] Why we decided to do an episode on crazy travel stories.

[04:04] Up first is my very first international trip to South Africa. 

[06:20] We start at the end of the trip… and keep in mind that Jesse is very much a rule follower and I was brand-new to traveling internationally.

[13:09] I’m glad we cleared up a 5-years-long misunderstanding on the podcast today!!

[15:46] All about that time Jesse thought his bunk mate on his fishing trip had stopped breathing.

[20:14] That time I did a very embarrassing thing on complete accident in the Focus on the Family lobby.

[26:54] We saved our very best travel story for last — involving flight issues, a passenger passing out on me, and a big fight on the flight. (I promise we’re not making any of this up!)

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