82. Our Favorite TV Shows

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One of the things our family loves to do together is watch shows and movies. Recently, someone asked what our favorite shows are to watch together as a family. So, we all talked together as a family and put together a list of some of the shows we’ve most enjoyed together.

On this week’s podcast episode, we share that list + we talk about why we don’t have a TV in our living room and how we approach being intentional and careful in our TV-watching.

We also talk about a book we’re finishing together as a family, the Panera unlimited coffee subscription, and a YouTube video I’ve rewatched multiple times.

In This Episode: 

[00:36] Welcome back to the show… and a semi-apology from Jesse. 😉

[02:46] Panera Bread’s unlimited coffee subscription is saving Jesse’s life. 

[06:28] The Squirrel Ninja Obstacle Course is something I’ve been loving!

[09:33] We’ve been reading Job in the Bible together and Jesse is excited about the next Brad Thor book, Near Dark

[11:49] The kids and I have been reading The Boy on the Wooden Box.

[15:25] This week we’re talking about our favorite TV shows!

[16:35] Why we don’t have a TV in our living room.

[19:14] Our TV is in our bedroom but we pretty much only watch it as a family. 

[20:57] Do your research before watching shows with your kids. 

[22:33] Why we loved Timeless and are sad that it was cancelled.

[24:58] Our family love This Is Us as well, but we started this one off with just us before sharing with our kids. 

[27:03] We’re just starting watching some seasons of Survivor together.

[28:15] We also enjoy The Apprentice, but be careful with the App you find it on. 

[29:15] The Amazing Race is another one of our favorites because we love to travel. 

[30:25] Last, but not least, is Designated Survivor. (Please only watch the first two seasons!)

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