87. How to Parent a Passive Child

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A few weeks ago, Jesse and I recorded a podcast episode sharing our thoughts on parenting a strong willed child (or a “strong child”, as we prefer to call them). We got so many great responses from people about that episode, but one was a question from a mom asking if we could talk about how to parent a child with the opposite type of personality — one that is more passive and people-pleasing.

This was such a great suggestion and Jesse and I loved getting to talk about this and give some ideas and suggestions that we’ve learned over the years from parenting our child who is more on the passive side. I’ve had to learn to slow down, listen better, and not try to push them to make a decision before they are ready. It has been so good for my fast-moving, quick-thinking personality and I’ve learned so much by doing so.

In this episode, we share lessons we’ve learned, how changing our perspective allows us to parent with greater patience and understanding, and how much our passive child has taught us.

We also share some life and family updates, an app Jesse is loving, how protein is making such a difference for me (and why I changed my mind about collagen!), and the audiobooks we’re both listening to!

In This Episode:  

[02:16] A little family update + what our topic is today.

[06:32] The Couch to 5k App is saving Jesse’s life… again!

[08:02] Protein is saving my life.

[11:33] I’ve been reading The Way I Heard It by Mike Rowe.

[13:43] Jesse is still on Scribd and is listening to Vince Flynn’s series.

[15:42] We received an email from a listener asking about how to parent a child who has a quieter more passive personality. 

[16:57] How you communicate your conviction will look different from person to person.

[19:56] People-pleasing can be positive or negative.

[23:41] Let them take their time in making decisions.

[26:11] Listening is a lost art. You have to show that you value what they have to say.

[27:44] Learn about their personality and call out their strengths.

[29:47] Love them for who they are.

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