93. A Woman’s Highest Calling (with Jamie Ivey)

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“A woman’s highest calling is not marriage or motherhood.” @jamieivey says this in her latest book and on this week’s episode of The Crystal Paine Show. I wholeheartedly concur.

But while most of us probably agree with this statement, how often do we let marriage and motherhood become completely all consuming — whether it’s the overwhelming longing to be married and/or have a baby or in how we walk out our roles as a wife and/or mom.

We can let our spouse’s happiness or our kids’ success become our chief end in life. We spend our days trying to figure out how to fix, solve, and save. We want to be part superwoman and part Holy Spirit. We think our children’s academic scores, social life, and spiritual health is a direct result of our efforts. Our sole job and aim in life is to have a good marriage and great kids.

Here’s the thing: I hope to have a strong marriage and I hope my kids love Jesus, but while I can love well and lead with humility, I can’t ultimately change or fix my spouse or kids — and that’s not my job nor my calling.

As a Christian woman, my highest calling is, as @jamieivey shared on this week’s podcast episode: “To know Christ and to make Him known.”

We unpack this and Jamie shares why we should be pursuing faithfulness over success and what this actually looks like. Download this episode on your favorite podcast player or go to the link in this post to listen in.

In This Episode: 

[00:33] Jamie. shares more about her background and family life.

[02:52] Why did she title her most recent book the way that she did? 

[05:00] What do satisfaction and success mean to Jamie? 

[07:31] Learn why she feels that a woman’s highest calling is not to be a wife and mom. 

[09:40] What is a woman’s highest calling? 

[11:14] Jamie shares advice on how you can make time to spend time with the Lord, even in the midst of a very full schedule.

[14:44] Want to change the world? Start right where you are.

[17:57] What does Jamie say to the woman who feels like she has nothing to offer the world? 

[20:50] How does Jamie acknowledge the work she’s done and not compare to others? 

[23:27] Jamie shares how she’s built relationships with her close friends and why they’re so important to her life and business. 

[26:30] What is the difference between success and faithfulness? 

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