95. Our Rules for Kids & Phones

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“Do you let your kids have phones? If so, how do you protect your kids and what kinds of apps or parental controls do you have in place?”

I get some kind of variation on this question multiple times every week. Since this topic is one that really depends so much on the family and the situation and each individual child, I was hesitant to share what we do at our house. However, after we continued to get so many questions on this, Jesse and I decided to delve into this topic on this week’s episode of The Crystal Paine Show.

We share the guidelines we have, why we have them, and some thoughts on when we choose to give our kids phones and what the stipulations are for having a phone at our house.

We also share a recipe we’ve been loving, a funny anecdote about why we got 3 or 4 crockpots as wedding gifts, and what Jesse and I are reading right now.

In This Episode: 

[01:32] Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins are saving my life

[02:31] Our crockpot is saving Jesse’s life.

[04:32] Why I’ve been using the Eat at Home menu plan this week.

[06:30] How we ended up with multiple crock pots as wedding gifts.

[08:08] Learn what Jesse and I have been reading. 

[10:37] Why we have to refill our cup with more than just rest. 

[13:06] Our rules for kids and phones… but first, a caveat.

[14:23] Out guidelines for when we give our kids a phone.

[17:00] Why have a phone is a privilege, not a right.

[21:55] A discussion on how we talk to our kids about the dangers of the internet and technology.

[26:29] How we strive to teach personal responsibility and wise decision making.

[31:49] You will make mistakes, keep pushing forward and walk in faith. 

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