97. How We Chose Our Kids’ Names

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After a few heavier/deep topics on the last few episodes, we had fun doing a more lighthearted podcast episode this week! So many people have asked how we chose our kids’ names, so Jesse and I had fun sharing some of the stories behind their names in this podcast episode.

Plus, we also share about Jesse subbing at the kids’ school, our recent sleep struggles, a book I recently read and found fascinating, a book Jesse is reading, plus some electrolytes I’ve been loving.

In This Episode: 

[00:36] Why Jesse ended up being a substitute teacher at one of the schools in our area. 

[03:36] Sleep is saving Jesse’s life right now. 🙂

[06:01] It’s so hard to go to bed when the babies go down, because it’s usually the first time in the day that we’ve had time to do the things we want to do. 

[06:56] Ultima Electrolytes are saving my life this week because they taste better than Nuun. 

[09:47] I have been reading Five Days in November by Clint Hill.

[12:30] Jesse is reading 100 Deadly Skills by Clint Emerson.

[14:24] Why we chose our kid’s names. 

[15:45] Learn how Kathrynne’s name came about, and what our original choice was. 

[18:43] Up next is Kaitlynn and for some reason we were sure that she was going to be a boy. 

[21:24] Why we didn’t choose a K name for Silas.

[23:36] When Kierstyn came along, the girls wanted her to have a K name with a unique spelling. 

[27:02] Why Kierstyn’s middle name is especially appropriate.

Links and Resources:

Links and Resources:

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