98. Staying Calm in the Midst of a Volatile Election Season

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I’m a big fan of doing our civic duty and voting. But you know what can make a bigger difference? How we live our every day lives.

I’ve seen a lot of pundits and talking heads putting a lot of blame for problems on politicians. While elected officials can and should be held responsible for their choices and actions, we also have a responsibility as individual citizens to be a part of the solution.

If we say we are pro XYZ, what are we actually doing in our every day real lives to make a difference in that area? I’m not talking about posting something on social media or having a heated argument to try to convince a co-worker you are right.

I’m talking about making sacrifices of time and effort. I’m talking about showing up and breaking a sweat. I’m talking about building that relationship, walking alongside that person, opening up our home, volunteering for that organization, starting that non-profit, giving to that cause we believe in, having the hard conversations, stepping outside our safe and comfortable bubble — even when it costs a lot.

Let’s stop waiting for change to happen at the mayor’s office or our state senate or in Congress… and let’s start being the change in people’s lives.

In this week’s episode of The Crystal Paine Show, Jesse and I have a conversation on how to stay calm in the midst of a volatile election season and some thoughts on how we’re approaching conversations around the elections.

In This Episode: 

[01:57] An update on Champ’s surgery.

[04:45] Amazon Prime Day + how to get the best deals this holiday season

[07:08] We’re jumping right into voting and volatile election seasons. 

[08:24] Choose people over politics. 

[10:27] Everyone comes to the table with a different perspective and their own baggage. 

[12:21] Don’t live in an echo chamber. 

[15:53] Live with perspective. 

[17:56] How do we walk in faith instead of living in fear?

[20:36] Finally, let’s vote with how we live our lives.

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