The Crystal Paine Show is dedicated to helping you embrace life right where you are and take practical steps to get where you want to go.

Crystal says, "My hope is that this podcast will serve as an inspiration to your week, a pause in your day to slow down and reflect a little, a looked-forward-to part of your weekly routine, a place where we can connect on a deeper level… and ultimately, I my desire is that you come away from listening to each episode feeling motivated to bloom where you are planted and take intentional steps to move in the direction you are longing to go."

Crystal is a wife, mom of 6, speaker, New York Times bestselling author, and online entrepreneur, best known for founding

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197. 4 Things We’ve Learned After 18 Years of Parenting

Powered by RedCircle We had a big milestone happen recently – not only have we been married for twenty years, but we are also now the proud parents of an adult! Join us today as we discuss our perspective of being parents of children, teenagers, and an adult and how fast we have realized time…

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196. Discovering Hope & Healing After Brokenness (with Toni Collier)

Powered by RedCircle Today’s guest Toni Collier is the founder of Broken Crayons and is also the author of the new book Brave Enough to Be Broken: How to Embrace Your Pain and Discover Hope and Healing. Toni shares her journey, discussing how her life took a turn for the worse when she was a…

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195. A Faith That Will Not Fail (with Michele Cushatt)

Powered by RedCircle Michele Cushatt returns to the podcast today to talk about something that we didn’t get to dive into last time – her personal story and journey! Michele has a brand new book coming out in March called A Faith That Will Not Fail: 10 Practices to Build Up Your Faith When Your…

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194. 6 Lessons We’ve Learned from 20 Years of Marriage

Powered by RedCircle Jesse and I celebrated a milestone anniversary recently – twenty years of marriage! In some ways, it feels like it hasn’t been that long, and in other ways, it feels like we have been married even longer than that, and we thought that we spend today discussing the biggest lessons that we…

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193. The Long-Awaited Adoption Day (all the details)!

Powered by RedCircle As promised in last week’s episode, we are giving more detail today about the newest addition to our family whom, after fostering for 21 months, we have officially adopted! We have been referring to him as Baby D on social media and on the podcast, but we are now finally able to…

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192. Our Goals for 2023

Powered by RedCircle Welcome to the very first episode of 2023! As a way of ushering in the new year, we thought that it would be appropriate to share our goals for 2023! My new book The Time-Saving Mom is coming out in March, and I also have six children, all of which is already…

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191. Highlights from 2022 + Some BIG News!

Powered by RedCircle Welcome to the very last episode of the podcast before we move into 2023! It has been a really eventful 2022, so we are spending this episode taking a look back at 2022, reflecting on the big events of the year, including finishing my next book and giving birth to Micah. We…

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190. Helping Kids Thrive in Mind, Body, and Spirit (with Jodi Mockabee)

Powered by RedCircle Today’s guest is Jodi Mockabee, author of the book The Whole and Healthy Family: Helping Your Kids Thrive in Mind, Body, and Spirit! I appreciate how Jodi addresses things holistically and has a lot of wisdom and experience to bring to the table. Jodi is the mother of five children ranging from…

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189. It’s Okay to Be a Beginner

Powered by RedCircle As we are approaching the end of the year and preparing to move into a new one, we thought that talking about beginnings today would be a great topic! I recently began a new workout time because it felt like it was the right time for it with Micah being five months…

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188. Good Boundaries and Goodbyes (with Lysa TerKeurst)

Powered by RedCircle Today’s guest on The Crystal Paine Show is someone who has been on the show before and you all loved that episode. So when the opportunity came up to have her back on the show one more time, I jumped on it, especially when I saw the title of her new book,…

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