10. How to Find Your Blue Flame (with Jennifer Fulwiler)

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I’m so excited for today’s guest! Jennifer Fulwiler has been a great inspiration to me. I first encountered her writings over a decade ago when I first started blogging, and rediscovered her this past year when I read her new book, One Beautiful Dream.

If you’re a mom who works or wants to pursue your passions, I can’t recommend this book highly enough — and I think you’ll really enjoy today’s conversation. (And even if you’re not a mom, I think you’ll get a lot from it!)

In our conversation, Jennifer talks about whether she has always been okay with being imperfect, how she thinks about balancing work and motherhood, what a blue flame is and why it’s often invisible to us, and even her experiences with stand-up comedy and how she’s facing a big fear with this. Tune in for this fun and enlightening conversation.

In This Episode:

[02:52] – I have fallen in love with this particular article of clothing and have worn it over and over again as the weather has gotten cooler. (Psst! You can see a picture of me wearing it here.)

[07:05] – My book pick this week is a book by one of my favorite podcasters. It’s not out yet, but you can go ahead and pre-order it!

[08:28] – Today’s interview guest is Jennifer Fulwiler, a bestselling author, radio host, speaker, and mother of six. (Because she is a radio show host, she’s so easy to interview and I could have talked to her for WAY longer than we had scheduled for this interview!)

[10:23] – Jennifer talks about how she did wish she could portray more perfection online at one point in time, but she realized how inauthentic and untruthful that would be.

[12:24] – Do you want to work or need to work and feel guilty that you won’t be able to prioritize motherhood? Jennifer shares how she finds balance in the middle of a really full life — and how balance doesn’t look like you might expect it to look.

[15:17] – I ask Jennifer what she would say to a woman who has no idea where to start or feels like she’s not good at anything?

[17:19] – A pretty crazy example of something I do that I thought was incredibly no-brainer, but that people have said has revolutionized their lives by doing it, too. (Note: It involves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!)

[19:40] – Jennifer talks about why she has been challenging herself outside her comfort zone and doing stand-up comedy — even though it scares her so much (she also spills the beans on a BIG thing she’s launching in 2019!)

[25:43] – Jennifer talks about why they got rid of their dressers and this trick that has helped them have a lot more room and storage space in their small house.

[28:30] – I answer a question from Marcy on what hospitality looks like in this season of life (and how it’s often not necessarily inviting a family over for dinner),

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