136. Don’t Miss Out on This Superpower! (with Jeannie Cunnion)

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Longtime listeners or new listeners who have gone back and listened to our older episodes may recall one of our early episodes in which we had Jeannie Cunnion on the show as a special guest to talk about how to be a happier mom! Well, Jeannie is back again this week to discuss her new book — how it came to be, what it means to rely on the Holy Spirit, and how that can change your life.

Jeannie shares so many great points during our conversation such as how the Holy Spirit is available in all of us who are Christians but is not necessarily active in all of us. We can get in the way of the Holy Spirit and impede Him, she talks about what it means to cooperate with Him and follow up on His nudges, even if it feels like we have to go outside of our comfort zones to do so.

We also talk about how to go about determining whether or not a calling is truly coming from the Holy Spirit or if it’s coming from our own agendas. I give an example from my own life about a time when that wasn’t apparent, and Jeannie offers some advice on how to make that determination. She closes by explaining how she acknowledges the Holy Spirit’s presence on a daily basis, insight that I hope that you will find helpful so that you, too, can do the same!

My greatest desire in this episode is that you will truly take a step back and ask yourself if you are pursuing your own agenda or if you are recognizing the Holy Spirit’s presence and listening to Him.

In This Episode:

[0:33] – We have a special guest today – returning guest Jeannie Cunnion!

[2:43] – Jeannie shares some background information about herself with us.

[5:18] – What does it mean to rely on the Holy Spirit?

[8:24] – One of the Holy Spirit’s roles in our lives, Jeannie asserts, is as a map and a compass.

[10:48] – Jeannie compares the Holy Spirit to being a close friend.

[12:41] – I reflect on when I realized what it means to rely upon the Holy Spirit was in me.

[15:23] – An example from Scripture of the Holy Spirit being at work.

[16:34] – The difference between the Holy Spirit being available and being active.

[19:25] – Jeannie expounds upon the word conviction and what it means to her.

[21:38] – How to determine whether or not a calling is coming from the Holy Spirit.

[27:33] – We learn how Jeannie acknowledges the Holy Spirit’s presence every day.

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