145. Our Unexpected Adoption News

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Surprise! If you follow me on Instagram, or Facebook, we already announced the big news, but on the podcast today, we get to tell the story behind the news. Listen in to hear all the details on our unexpected adoption story + we share what is saving our lives, books we’re reading, and more! 

In This Episode

[00:37] – Welcome to The Crystal Paine Show today we are sharing some pretty big news.

[01:21] – Jesse shares our big news.

[02:05] – Jesse had an eventful 24 hours.

[04:27] – I’ve been reading Friendship, It’s Complicated: Avoid the Drama, Create Authentic Connection, and Fulfill Your Purpose Together.

[06:36] – Andi talks about your relationship with your mom and how that can affect your relationship with other women. And it’s made me think a lot of how I’m interacting with our girls. 

[07:16] – Jesse is continuing on listening to the audiobook series from Brad Taylor.

[08:39] – Look for those little pockets of time and check out Libby and Hoopla.

[11:01] – What’s saving our life this week and that’s YumEarth Suckers.

[12:59] – We want to share our unexpected adoption journey story. 

[14:22] – I felt us falling so in love with him and yet I saw it as such an honor to get to serve as the in-between.

[20:10] – We had been preparing our hearts for goodbye and what the next step, the next chapter of our foster care journey was going to be. And so then, it was this mental and emotional whiplash.

[22:12] – A wise question that Katie Reid asked me.

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