162. Making Time for Romance When You Have Kids

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If there was one question we are asked to answer the most often, it’s likely, something along the lines of, “How do you prioritize your marriage when you have kids?”

In this week’s podcast episode, we share some of our best suggestions to make time for romance when you have kids. We share things we have learned, what works for us, and how we’ve improved our communication over the years.

We also talk about some exercise-related things that are saving our lives, what we are currently reading, conspiracy theories, and how I applied something from a book I’m reading to a hard conversation recently.

In This Episode

[00:34] – Welcome to another episode of The Crystal Paine Show.

[02:00] – Jesse tells us what is saving his life and explains some of the exercises.

[05:50] – The mystery is solved as to why the treadmill has been moved in some odd way.

[06:50] – The weather has been really nice and I have been itching to be outside.

[07:55] – I share an update on what I am reading.

[09:35] – I received an upset message on instagram from a follower and I shared my honest response.

[11:30] – I think so often that people just want to be heard.

[12:20] – Jesse has an update on a book that he has been listening to.

[15:39] – Let’s talk about for romance when you have kids.

[16:25] – The number one key to making time for romance is prioritizing it.

[17:04] – One of the greatest gifts we can give our kids is a strong marriage.

[18:45] – Be intentional; you can’t just assume it will happen without effort and thought.

[21:22] – Getting creative with the time and schedule you have.

[24:15] – The glue that holds our marriage together is laughter.

[26:22] – We love to exercise PDA in front of our kids.

[27:20] – We talk a lot. Or maybe Jesse listens and I talk!

[30:25] – Learning to communicate about communication has been helpful.

[32:27] – Having things that we do just the two of us has been really special.

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